Middendorf's Celebrates 75th Anniversary & an Award Winning Chef

 Congratulations to Horst Pfeifer
one of the five culinary giants named Louisiana Cookin's
Culinary Humanitarian
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Middendorf's Announcement
If you follow us on Twitter, you've gotten more frequent updates on the renovation, but for the rest, here is the big news: we are scheduled to reopen on Wednesday, September 2 in the "old" building. We are very excited about the move but are very thankful we had the flexibility of the other building to use during this last year. It will be one year since Hurricane Ike and we are happy to say it's been a productive, positive and blessed year. We are proud of the renovation, thrilled with the new kitchen and we can't wait for you to see the new outdoor area. Below are a couple photos of our new recreation area and one of the freshly painted restaurant. You'll have to come see us to get a glimpse of the inside of the restaurant.

As a reminder, for those of you wanting to do a little physical exercise along with having a great time, our race-5K or 10 mile- is on the calendar for October 10. Deadline for the 20.00 entry fee is Aug. 29, after that it is 25.00. You can go to New Orleans Track Club's website, www.runnotc.org and sign up for the race or stop by Middendorf's and we'll take care of it here.
Hope to see you soon!

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